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You've reached my page -- that's the first step!

Feeling at all generous ? See below for some pre-aproved gifts, guaranteed to satisfy.

Hint : my birthday is Feb. 29

Bunny slipper

Bunny Slippers

My newest obsession; upon leaving the store with
my sister's birthday present, I realized that I had made a
big mistake in buying only one pair.
UPDATE! Thanks to Lisa, I received a fine pair of slippers
for my birthday -- thanks, Squirt! However, I left them alone
in Texas while I was gone, and a canine beast got to them.
Fluffy is now missing an eye; Muffy is missing a nose.


Spanish Book

Spanish Book

In all seriousness, I wanted to take Spanish I second
semester my senior year but I had to take phys ed instead.




That's my scope; isn't it beautiful?! I'm content with it,
but always welcome add-ons...such as video appliances so
I can watch mitochondria on the t.v. !



Einstein's Brain

Yes I'd like a new one that can do calculus & organic chem.
If you can find it and know how to install, go right on and tell me.
Make sure the hypothalamus is functioning properly, though.



Bananas in Pajamas

I always welcome these guys !
This is an old picture...with only half the crew.
No videos PLEASE !



Mac Zone Goodies

Just about anything in here is sure to please !
(digi cameras especially) Send any, send all.
UPDATE! I'll now gladly accept any PC-compatible
appliances, as well. A couple months ago, I broke
down and bought a fine machine with an AMD Duron
processor. It's running quite well, but don't think I'm
no longer a Mac-loyalist!


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