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The University of Texas - my home for the next 2 years

Computer Writing & Research Lab - the part of the Division of Rhetoric and composition for which I work (and play)

Nutrition Department at UT - home within UT

Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School - where I spent a whole 4 years of my life and managed the website my senior year


Christians on Campus - a wonderful organization on at UT

Living Stream Ministry - a must-see site

Church in Austin & Church in North Providence - where I meet both home and away


Naomi Lewis - my apartment-mate my first year here :)

My sister Chiara & her pageants

Tamara English -my other apartment-mate last year :-) She has some neat effects on her page. We were all internet nerds!

Jessica Kruidhoff - another dear sister in Austin (has since moved to California to attend the Full-Time Training

Mimi - awesome gal with a site that rocks