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I struck a page with all the "You might be" lists there are! To get a look into who I am, I compiled some of the lists that really fit me. Some of these things I have actually done; others are just funny.



You might be a bad customer if:


- you ask for a discount. No reason specified, just that you should get one.

-if you buy 10 cent candy to break a $20

- you use an ATM or credit card for 75 cents (really happened)

- you ask for a bag, big printed receipt, etc, when you feel you have been overcharged for something because you want to get the most out of the company.

-you pay anything / everything in small change (especially pennies)

- you use a coupon on every item you buy

-you shop at a store only to get the end-of-the-month rebates


You might be a computer geek if:

-your computer costs more and runs better than your car

-when you're reading a magazine and you see an underlined passage, you feel compelled to click on it.

-you wake up wondering which directory you're in.

-your favorite pasttime is IRC/ICQ/AOL on Saturday nights.

-you have a PC for every person in the house, and still think you need one more. What if one goes down!?

- you salivate when you hear the word, "upgrade"

- instead of laughing you say "El-Oh-El!"

- you check your e-mail before you brush your teeth in the morning.

- you e-mail yourself notes rather than writing them...

-...and you actually reply to the note.

- you refer to your computer as a friend.


Techie (somewhat related):

-If the only jokes you receive are through e-mail

-If you have ever owned a calculator with no equal key and know what RPN stands for

- If you've drawn pictures on your graphing calculator

-If you have more friends on the Internet than in real life

- If you know what http:// stands for


You might be a packrat:

-you have the calendar and registration handbook from all four years of high school.

- your taxes are perfect because you actually do keep every receipt.

- your bedroom was mistaken for a junk yard


You might be a musician:

-you walk around conducting the Verdi Requiem, Dvorak Requiem, Bruckner e-minor Mass, Beethoven 7, etc., and wonder why people are looking at you funny.

- you know Tchaikovsky's full name AND all its spellings.

- you own more in sheet music than in CDs

- you can define the difference between a sonata and a concerto.

-you have expelled more hot air than your average politician.

- you actually cheered on the marching band in high school (hey!!!)


You might be a cat-lover if:

- you take more pictures of your cat then you do of your children.

- your cat eats the most expensive cat food available, but you subsist on macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles

- you force everyone who phones your house to listen to Kitty meow into the receiver.

- you've stopped wondering where all the cat hairs that appear on your clothes could possibly come from

-You study every flavor catfood for 10 minutes before making your choice.

-Your cat takes up more room on your bed than you -- you'd be surprised how far they can stretch out!

-You've ever considered buying one of those $400 stratching posts / tree house for cats


You might be addicted to IRC if:


- Your service provider calls *you* for tech support.

- Someone at work tells you a joke, and you say "LOL!"

- You have ever had a dream about the people in your channels.

-You keep begging your friend's to get an internet account so "we can hang out."

-you've ever gotten onto an airplane just to meet some folks face to face.

-you have over 2 megs of .wav files on your mirc directory.

-you have a vanity car tag with your nick on it.

-you no longer type with proper punctuation, capitalization, or complete senteces.


Now, my very own You know you're a college student if...

-You've ever changed your major

-Your favorite past-time on a Saturday is sleeping

-You live off Ramen noodles and generic brand food

-There would be no life without Taco Bell, Wendy's, and McDonalds

-You thought you were smart once....way a time long forgotten (i.e. high school)

-The first number on your "Important Phone Numbers" list is the 24-hour pizza delivery service

-To get from one end of your room/appartment/dorm to the other, you have to be skilled in the 50-meter hurdles

-You live in cyberspace and/or spend at least 3 hours of your day online

-Laundry is done about once a month, or whenever you no longer go on

-You're dirt poor but believe that once you get out, you'll earn $60,000+ a year

-Your refridgerator hold all sorts of hidden, long-forgotten "goodies" and smells like something died

-Your worst fear is getting and 8 o'clock class


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