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Welcome to *Jenn's FAQ Page*

As you internet nerds know, "FAQ" stands for "Frequently Asked Questions." You'll often find these on websites, newsgroups, and other place on the net. I've decided to make my own, based on some questions commonly asked of me.

question mark How do you pronounce your last name?
There are a couple ways. To honor the French origin of the name, say "teh-ree-soh" or "tay-ree-soh". (Some keep the acute accent(/) on the first e.) Otherwise, pronounce it the Anglicized way: "theh-rih-sode".

question mark Where does that come from??
My dad, who is very much interested in family history, has done some research on this. What we think is that the name came from Brittany, France. Last year he got a cute little plaque with the name's supposed origin and coat of arms on it.

question mark So where are you actually from?
Massachusetts, though I was born in Providence, RI and moved to Italy for the next 4 years. See my About Me page.

question mark Why don't you look Italian?
First of all, I'm only half Italian. Dad comes from a region of Italy that used to be part of France up til the Italian Civil War in 1890's. So much of the origin of culture, language, and people is French.

question mark Why'd you come all the way to Texas for school?
Because I like it here!! Actually, I visited UT during my senior year of high school, since I knew there was a strong campus work and churchlife. I applied, got accepted, and loved it when I visited. After a lot of prayer, we felt this was the best place for me to be. It's far from home, but has been been a great experience.

question mark When do you graduate?
Not til the spring of 2003.

question mark What classes do you take if you're a nutrition major?
Hahah. First of all, let's clear up a misconception that at least one person has had: yes you need 4 years of college (plus summers) to get your degree in dietetics/nutrition.
Ok, the classes: Lots of chem, lots of bio, the nutrition classes themselves, plus university requirements. I filled up most of my electives with French credits, which I now have enough of to get a minor (if the School of Natural Sciences would allow minors).

question mark If you're a nutrition major, do you always eat well?

question mark Why don't you like dating?
This is a tough one, but I believe it's the Lord's will that He provide us with somemone -- in His timing -- and that dating in a way makes is seem like you're taking things into your own hands and 'shopping around.' (Not to say I'm not guilty of trying take full control at times...)