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La Famiglia

Here are the females of the family, including the cat. From left-right: Mom, Chiara, Lisa, Me & Catia

I've encountered the same problem for Mom & Dad -- neither of them have many pictures. Mom is usually the one taking the pictures, and Dad does not like to be in pictures. I know I've got some nice ones of them at home; now it's just a matter of getting ahold of them (note: I am not in Mass at the time), and getting them scanned, organized, and uploaded. Patience, friends.


And this is the (in)famous Chia. I think this is during a Districts or All State concer she had. She is the current *Miss Middlesex County* (more on that later). She's also about to start college (scary) and major in opera.


Lisa is the sports jock of the family. She's also "my baby" (come on, after looking at that picture, wouldn't you call her that, too?). Note that she's wearing her soccer jacket...her team went all the way to the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions this year, and placed 3rd in their age group!


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